"Locomotive" Sports & Health Centre

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Founded in 1936 the "Locomotive" Sports & Health Centre then 62 years later has been re-established and moved in the building of the "Locomotive" Road Health & Sports Club. At the same time the Centre runs 9 types of sports, such as volleyball, football, table tennis, archery, boxing, judo, freestyle wrestling, greko-Roman wresting and cycling. There are more than 2000 students attending sports.

With a great support by the Azerbaijan Cycling Federation the Centre 2012 has created the cycling course section. The cycling section is headed by Mahammad Alakbarov, who has been multiple Azerbaijan Champion and winner of several tournaments. Mahammad Alakbarov trains young cyclists for the National Team of Azerbaijan. Karim Shiraliyev and Musa Mikayilzade is one of his trainees, who has recently been ranked as the juniors national team member.

Tel: (+99455) 4654423