BMX World Championships 2018 and Test Event 2017 in Baku

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The Azerbaijan Cycling Federation (AzVIF) is proud to announce that it will host the UCI BMX World Championships 2018 and the UCI BAKU Test Event 2017, both to be held in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku City.

The Test Event will  be held on October 28-29, 2017 and offers events for the junior and elite men and women. The World Championships will be held June 5-9, 2018. Both events will take place at the custom-built Velopark in Baku.

BMX racing is an off-road cycling discipline, derived from motocross racing. BMX Supercross (BMX SX) are sprint races on purpose-built off-road single-lap race tracks. The track usually consists of a starting gate for up to eight racers, a groomed, serpentine, dirt race course made of various jumps and rollers and a finish line. The sport is very family oriented and largely participant-driven, with riders ranging in age from 2 to over 70.  Professional ranks exist for both men and women, where the age ranges from 18 to 40 years old.

The organization of UCI BMX World Championships 2018  and UCI BAKU Test Event 2017 will be at the highest level, to enable BMX to develop. The UCI BMX World Championships is guaranteed to be a positive experience for riders, sponsors, media and spectators from around the world.



In accordance with the UCI regulations (3 motos qualifiers, then 1 final)

The UCI Scrambled Moto format as per UCI regulations

Lane selection will be in accordance with the UCI regulations.

The UCI BMX World Championships includes the Junior and Elite World Championships Race for both men and women in the 20” competition specialty. These 4 categories will award “UCI World Champion” titles.

The World Championships Race (junior and elite) is the major event with the World Challenge providing a opportunity for amateur riders form around the world to compete.



Organizer: Azerbaijan Cycling Federation

Address: 3007 Moscow Ave, Baku, Azerbaijan AZ1102


Facebook: 2018 UCI BMX World Championships

İnstagram: bakubmx2018

Twitter: 2018 UCI BMX WC



Saturday October 28th

09h00 – 09h30 Team Manager’s Meeting

09h45 – 10h15 Team Manager Track Tour

10h30 – 12h00 Rider Registration/Confirmation

14h00 – 15h00 Junior and Elite Women Practice

15h00 – 16h00 Junior and Elite Men Practice

16h00 – 17h00 Junior and Elite Women Practice

17h00 – 18h00 Junior and Elite Men Practice


Sunday October 29th

*15h00 – 16h00 Junior and Elite Women Practice

*16h00 – 16h30 Junior and Elite Men Practice

*19h10 Start of Competition

*20h40 Award Ceremonies


Organizer Mr. Farhad Aliyev

Event Manager Mr. Thad Fischer

Race Director/UCI BMX Coordinator Mr. Kevin MacCuish

UCI BMX Technical Delegate Mr. Yvan Lapraz

President of Commissaire Panel Mr. Euan Goodman

Vice President of Commissaire Panel Ms. Christine Deconclois


Location Velopark, Baku, Azerbaijan

Start Hill 8 Meter

Track Length 390 Meters

Racing Surface Limestone*


This venue will be serviced throughout all official practice and racing sessions by certified medical professionals.

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